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Credit Management Tools

The Merritt History database search. This is a query of our database containing commercially- related public records gathered from the 14-County metropolitan area. We include non-published items such as Federal Tax Liens filed with the Secretary of State. Run your query on-line with immediate results.

Merritt State of Illinois UCCs. Our proprietary database, you can query with multiple search options and print capabilities. Copies and attachments can be provided usually within the same day. Microfilm and CD images are stored on-site from 1994 forward.

The Merritt Report, our printed public records bulletins, now fully on-line, have been a mainstay of credit and lending professionals for over 60 years. Serving industry from food production and distribution to lending to construction contracting, we have a weekly Merritt Intelligence Report for your industry. We research and compile information from State and County original-source documents throughout the metropolitan area. These records are then previewed and edited before publication, thereby insuring accuracy and completeness.

The Merritt Report legal records bulletin reports current State of Illinois UCC-1 transactions as well as Suits, Judgments, Federal and State Tax Liens and Releases, Bankruptcies and new Incorporations formed in the State of Illinois. We offer several different reports, each containing records that apply to different industries or territories that we cover.

Cook County Metro - general Commercial / Industrial accounts.
This report covers all non-food related industries in the Cook County area. It is a must for manufacturers, distributors, commercial lenders or anyone having credit exposure in the Cook County area.

Food / Beverage / Pharmaceutical / Tobacco accounts.
Produced specifically for those that have credit exposure to the food production and distribution industry in the 14-County metropolitan area. Also included are current City of Chicago liquor license applications when available.

Surrounding Counties - general Commercial / Industrial accounts.
The same categories as Cook County Metro, this report lists records from the Chicago suburban area.

Federal Tax Liens on individuals.
Listing Federal 1040 tax liens over $35,000, many of those on this report may be current or former business owners.

Credit Reference Application Processing. Credit policy for most companies requires that a new customer list three trade references on their credit application. We will contact the trade references to determine if they are being paid within terms. We will then fax a report back to you.

Please visit our Services for The Trades page for information about our Construction Trades Bulletins and additional services.

Please visit our Services for Banks for more information about due diligence on-premises research, document retrieval and additional services.

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