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Core competence: Business and Lending Information Services and Support has been our only business for 98 years. We have the longest and most successful track record of serving Chicago and Illinois businesses and commercial lending institutions. We understand this business at its very core. We understand our customers, their daily challenges and their critical need to make correct credit decisions.

Customer service: We win or lose by the effectiveness with which we assist our customers. Whether you are a big company, a mid-sized firm, or a small business starting out, we will serve you with our professionalism. You can depend on us for straightforward and timely results.

Quality: Quality means clean, clear, and comprehensive. Whatever your request, we will empower you with information that is immediately usable.

Speed: In a nano-second world, speed is a given. Our systems, processes and online services enable you to access information instantly. Whether you need to check the past of an applicant or check what's of record, you can do so instantly with MerrittSearch.com. It's the fastest lending information support system.

Relationships: In the book "Built to Last", best selling author Jim Collins, who studied successful companies, says "Companies that endure are based on a core mission. They live that mission through time."

Our mission has always been to support you with the best available information.

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